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Previous considerations

The “user” is the person who browses on any of its pages. From the moment the user has access to browsing, he establishes a relationship in which he accepts the terms and conditions, as well as the policies set forth herein.

The editor is the owner of the website, which is SEEANA that is identified in the legal notice.

The cookies used in the user's browser were installed with his permission. The user can revoke his authorization at any time, for more information see the section Deactivation or exclusion of cookies, of this policy.

The editor can make any changes he considers relevant to the site. For that, he can add sections, features or any element that may generate the use of new cookies. We advise you to check the cookies policy each time you access the site, to keep up to date on any changes that may have occurred since your last visit.

Cookies definition and function


Disabling or delecting cookies

At any time, the user can exercise his right to refuse cookies and, consequently, disable or delete them, except those that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website.

The user can delete and/or block cookies, for any navigation that he does or for a specific domain. That setting must be done individually in each browser. If the user deletes or blocks cookies on one browser and not the others on the same device, it will be assumed that the others accept their use. The editor cannot perform this action by the user. It must be him, the user, to perform it responsibly and individually in each browser and/or device he wishes.

As each browser has different settings, the user must go to the help part of each one to see the specific case. This section mentions the most common ones, however, depending on the updates, the browsers or operating system the user is using may vary. The user must always follow the user manuals of his browser, this guide is only indicative.

• Chrome: Menu - Settings (on Mac: Preferences) - Advanced settings - Privacy - Here the user chooses whether to set cookies or delete existing cookies. For more information, you can visit Chrome Help.

• Internet Explorer: Tools – Internet Options - Privacy - Privacy - Settings - Advanced Options. Set what you want. For more information, you can visit the help section of the browser itself

• Firefox: Menu - Preferences - Privacy - Display cookies - set according to what you want. For more information, you can visit the help section of the browser

• Safari: Safari - Preferences - Privacy - Make the desired settings. For more information, visit Apple Help

Cookies related notice

The Editor is not responsible for technical errors that the user may encounter on the website or in his browser for mistakenly handling the deactivation or deletion of cookies. The user should check the information about its deactivation or deletion in the help section of the browser. The user assumes the responsibility to delete or disable cookies in his browser and, therefore, assumes the consequences that result from this.

At any time the user can contact the Editor via e-mail at